When I first started learning the world of Real Estate Investing, I was surprised by how hard it was to find information that was, well, real.

The seminars. The books. The gurus. Most of it was either over my head or just too good to be true.

Why wasn’t there anyone out there asking the dumb questions? And where were the experienced investors, providing honest answers?

So I started a podcast to ask those dumb questions and to learn from the experience of Real Estate professionals from all kinds of backgrounds & disciplines. Whether you’re taking the first steps of your Real Estate journey or have been at it for years, this is a space to discover new strategies and hear some practical, field-tested insight you can use to reach your next goal.

Let’s make Real Estate Investing accessible for the rest of us.



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Real Estate Investing demystified.



Interested in being on the show? Have questions about a topic or episode? Want to fuel my Michael Jackson obsession and debate which of his albums is best? Regardless of your reason for reaching out, drop me a note and let’s chat!